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Lab Grow Diamonds: An Unbiased View

What is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a diamond that was mined from the Earth? Well, as far as the product is concerned, nothing. That's right, NOTHING. Both are samples of crystalized carbon, and possess all of the same characteristics. When you look at a lab grown diamond next to a mined diamond, you don't see a difference, because there is no difference.

Instead of growing deep underground for billions of years the lab grown diamonds are made in a state of the art labortory where they are grown over a period of weeks. They are not clones, each lab grown diamond is as unique as any mined diamond and is graded in the same way as well.

Another difference you might notice is the price. Lab grown diamonds are up to 50% less than mined diamonds, meaning that you can get a bigger and better diamond for your ring, at your budget.

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