The Toledo Fur Vault

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2021 Pricing

Storage and Cleaning Special -- $125.00

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Items Price
Hanger Items(Coats, Jackets, etc) $55.00
Boxed Items(Hats, Flings, Scarves, etc.) $38.00
Headbands and Collars $28.00

Cleaning (Including lining spot treatment)

Items Price
Fur Garment(Coats, Jackets, anything that goes on a hanger) $75.00
Fur Garment with Leather or Knit $86.00
Fur-trimmed Cloth (Wool, Cashmere, Taffeta, etc.)* $28.00
Knitted Fur Garment $74.00
Leather Garment Conditioning with Fur Trim or Lining $74.00
Full-Service Leather Cleaning (Black, Brown, White)** $74.00
Full-Service Leather Cleaning (Alternate colors and multi-colors)** By Quote
Suede and Shearling Garments $150.00
Hats*** $48.00
Headbands*** $28.00
Flings, Boas, Scarves, Purses, & Muffs*** $32.00
***Any of these with Leather or Knit, add $16.00
*Taffeta, Poplin, and Rain Silk containing fused rubber backing can NOT be cleaned
**Includes re-dye of abraised areas, NOT recommended if not necessary

"You've trusted us with your jewelry for 36 years, now you can trust us with your furs"

Jeffrey Mann

If you value your furs, professional storage is a necessity. During the Spring and Summer months your precious furs become vulnerable to the environment and degrade over time. However, there is something you can do to protect your possessions.

Stored in our state of the art Fur Vault, your items will be kept at approximately 40-44°F and at a humidity of 45-50%. These are the ideal conditions to preserve your coats and keep them looking fresh. During the off-season, with our cleaning services, we can remove the oils and small particles of dirt that can be damaging to your furs.

Professional cleaning will restore the vibrancy and beauty of your natural furs.


Storage Facility Features

  • Located inside Jeffrey Mann Fine Jewelers

  • Bank vault door system

  • Multiple alarm sensors

  • Alarm communication systems with direct connection to authorities and protection services

  • True refrigeration (not air-conditioned)

  • True humidity control

  • Individual space for each and every customer garment (your fur will not be crammed or crushed!)

Our storage vaults are on the premises, not in another state! You can pick up your garment at any time, without prior notification!