Custom Fashion

Have you dreamed of having a stunning piece of custom fashion jewelry that is unlike any other? We understand.

We can start with that dream and create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that perfectly expresses your unique style.

Custom Fashion 1

Creating a custom piece opens nearly limitless design possibilities.  You can browse dozens of ads for ideas and draw inspiration from various shapes, settings, metals and gemstones. Or you can be inspired by a something entirely unexpected – like a summer lake, a splash of color on a favorite scarf, a well loved painting, even the shape of a flower.

 "I had a number of old jewelry pieces I never wore. So, I brought them to Jeff and he helped me create something I now wear everyday." 

Custom Fashion 2

You can consider mixing traditional with modern. – and explore utterly unique combinations of gemstones and metals.  Whether want to create a new necklace, bracelet, broach or ring – the sky’s the limit.

And you needn’t start from scratch to create your personal work of art.  Grandma’s ring, Aunt Carol’s diamond pin, or that gift that never really worked with your wardrobe or reflected your taste – all can be transformed and repurposed.   The result is a reimagined piece that preserves the memories, while reflecting your fresh and unique aesthetic.

In short, whatever you can imagine, the talented and dedicated artisans at Jeffrey Mann Fine Jewelers can create.