Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

At Jeffrey Mann, we understand that the ring must be as special as the person wearing it.  That’s why, for clients thinking outside the showcase, we offer custom engagement rings and wedding bands as an alternative.  Our talented artisans will create your custom dream ring, as well as wedding bands for both bride and groom.  

For us, designing is an absolute pleasure. And few things make us feel as honored as creating custom jewelry for a bride on her special day.  Share your dream with us. And we’ll make that dream a reality you’ll be proud to slip on her finger.

Custom Bridal 2


Today’s couples are increasingly drawn to the idea of designing their own one of a kind engagement ring and wedding bands.  It’s an exciting and rewarding process that lets you express your personal tastes and create a uniquely personal symbol of your loving commitment.

"Jeff worked with me to create the engagement ring I always envisioned. I loved the entire process and couldn’t be happier."

Custom Bridal 1


The real beauty of a custom designed engagement ring or wedding band is the fact that you’ve put your heart into its creation, and the fact that the options are as endless as your love for one another.

There are so many ideas to draw from – and each is as romantic as the occasion.  You can tap into family memories when you repurpose that heirloom diamond from your great Aunt Helen.  You can comb through magazines, make notes and combine features from several styles you love.  You can couple a traditional stone with a nontraditional metal or design. It’s a thoroughly creative process that will be part of your many memories of your wedding.  And our artisans work closely with you every step of the way.